Analysis : It is a story that Comfort Foods like frozen dessert Boost Your Mood


Since their beginning, ice creams and chocolates have invariably been humans’ friends, particularly with those prying troublesome times. Be it relationship issues, work stress, PMS, or weekday morning blues, we tend to simply can’t wait to gulp down that frozen dessert tub or relish our favorite chocolate and instantly begin feeling elated. But, this sense may simply not be true and simply a fraction of our imagination!

Psychologists say that the concept that feeding bound foods makes North American country feel higher after we square measure down is also a story. In fact, it’s simply a matter of your time that we tend to begin feeling higher on our own concerning one thing that’s bothering North American country, notwithstanding what food we tend to eat.

“Whether it’s your nutrient or it’s a cooky, or if you eat nothing the least bit, you’ll eventually feel higher. Basically, nutrient cannot speed up that healing method,” explained Heather Scherschel Wagner, a degree candidate from University of American state.

During the study, researchers asked the participants to choose foods that they believed would create them feel higher if they were feeling low. It can be something from cookies, to frozen dessert, to chocolates. They were conjointly created to settle on foods that they likable however didn’t assume would improve their mood.

The participants then watched a 20-minute video supposed to elicit feelings of unhappiness, anger and concern. for sure, participants were during a unhealthy mood now once observation the video. 3 minutes later, their mood improved, notwithstanding whether or not they had their nutrient, another food, or no food the least bit.

Before the study was conducted, the researchers believed that there was one thing to feeding nutrient, same Wagner.

The new findings recommend that folks might not be helped by turning to unhealthy foods, high in calories and fat, once they are down. “People will develop these terribly unhealthy habits, wherever they merely now reach for these scrumptious foods after they feel unhappy,” Wagner same. If folks realize that they are doing really feel higher while not feeding comfort foods, which may stop this unhealthy pattern of behavior, she said.

However, the study was conducted during a workplace setting, therefore the findings might not hold true for the range of stressors that folks expertise within the globe, like stressors that occur over a protracted amount of your time. The researchers conceive to conduct another study to examine if comfort foods facilitate folks with social stress, like the strain of feeling socially excluded.

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